NatureBox Traveller's Delight

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Sustainable Gifting with NatureBox Traveller's Delight - To Nourish Skin Anywhere.

Embark on a journey of wellness with the NatureBox Traveller's Delight, a sustainable gift collection tailored for wanderlust souls. Immerse yourself in the goodness of natural bar soaps enriched with sensitive-skin friendly essential oils and nourishing oils like shea butter and avocado oil. Crafted for travellers, these solid bars offer the ideal companion for on-the-go care, eliminating spills and minimising plastic wastes. The included travel soap box ensures effortless storage, seamlessly fitting into your adventures. Let the aromatic essences of the bar soaps transport you to tranquility, enhancing your travel experience with moments of pure relaxation. Unveil the joy of mindful travel with nature's soothing embrace.

Each kit comes with:

1 x 100g bath bar with essential oil+

1 x soap net (Click here on how to use)

1 x travel soap box^ 

1 x 15g sampler kit*

*Each sampler kit consists of a 15g Avocado & Brazilian Clay Bath Bar with Lavender & Tea Tree Essential Oils + 1 soap net

^Option of big or small soap box. Click here for details.

+6 bath bars with essential oils to choose from

Please click on link below for information of bath bars with essential oils (EO):

Start sustainable gifting and embark on a voyage of serenity with our NatureBox Traveller's Delight collection.