Holiday Haircare Kit

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Holiday Haircare Kit for Haircare Bliss

Elevate your haircare routine this holiday season with our Holiday Haircare Kit. This dynamic duo features our renowned "Power Strand Shampoo Bar," enriched with the soothing essence of Geranium and Chamomile essential oils. It provides gentle yet effective cleansing for lustrous, radiant locks.

The silicone tray ensures the perfect resting place for your shampoo bar, keeping it fresh and ready for use. Embrace the joy of healthy, well-nourished hair this festive season with a gift that cares for both you and the environment. 

Each kit comes with:

1 x 40g Power Strand Shampoo Bar

1 x Silicone Soap Tray

Enhance your holiday gifting with our Holiday Haircare Kit. Give the gift of lustrous locks this season. Click to discover Christmas Gift Ideas for essential haircare bliss!